“I have been managing and supporting my problematic bowel with Jackie’s help over the last 17 years. I have found this gentle form of colonic irrigation is extremely beneficial to my overall well being and helps to keep my system in balance.  The therapy is carried out in a relaxed and professional manner and Jackie’s bright, positive personality inspires confidence and dispels embarrassment.”

J.D. Denbighshire

“I was feeling bloated and my digestion sluggish. I instantly felt the benefits of my colonic treatment with Jackie. Jackie’s easy going and friendly manner made me feel relaxed and comfortable and her dietary and herbal advice is invaluable in helping to maintain my good digestive health.”

P.P. Anglesey

“Jackie has helped me through colon hydrotherapy with my liver cleansing programmes with the aim of helping to improve my health and energy levels. Regular colonics has transformed my health and I’m enjoying a new zest for life.”

E.W. Anglesey

“Thank you Jackie for many years of supportive help and wonderful therapy that has transformed my whole life and health. I have chrones disease and having colonics with Jackie over the last 11 years has made such a difference to my life. I feel the colonics has helped to put me in charge of my digestive system rather than it in charge of me. I feel I can do something to help myself and that in itself is quite empowering.”

K.G. Anglesey

“I’ve always had a tendency to constipation and over the years its been getting worse and worse. I was even hospitalised in agony with an impacted colon. I never went to the loo naturally and laxative were no longer working. Jackie was my last resort. I can’t recommend colonics with Jackie enough, I had a series of treatments and was given dietary and herbal advice. Even after my 1st session I started having more frequent bowel movements and am still to this day having daily bowel movements. I now see Jackie for a maintenance treatment every 3-4 months. My husband thanked Jackie in person for giving him his wife back, colonics with Jackie have given me my life back!”

V.H. Gwynedd

“I have to take a lot of strong pain killers due to my arthritis and suffer with constipation. Seeing Jackie regularly for colonics helps me to maintain daily bowel movements and I always feel so much better following the treatment.”

JT, Anglesey

“I was in agony with my IBS for some years, the colonics and dietary advice from Jackie has really made a difference, I’d definitely recommend it.”

S.G. Anglesey

“I am a coeliac, my diet is very restricted and I have suffered with constipation for years and years. To date I have had two colonics with Jackie and I feel so much better and go to the loo each day.”

D.G. Anglesey

“That has to be the best £60 I have ever spent, I am not bloated any more and have a bowel movement every day easily.”

G.H. Anglesey

“I feel so much more comfortable without all that trapped wind.”

J.F. Gwynedd

“I lost 4lb on my 1st colonic with Jackie! I then booked two colonics in the weeks running up to my summer holiday to have a flat tummy on the beach!”

L.T. Anglesey

“I always fit into my skinny jeans after a colonic with Jackie – fantastic!”

D.B. Conwy

“I have been following a liquid meal replacement diet and have lost a lot of weight but have found I became very constipated, having colon hydrotherapy with Jackie has helped me to clear a lot of waste from my colon and feel more comfortable, it was such a relief!”

S.W. Gwynedd

“I am following a weight loss programme and have found colonics with Jackie can also help me move a few extra lbs.”

S.O. Gwynedd

“Hi Jackie, just to let you know that the colonic has made such a difference and I will most definitely be booking a second session with you. I haven’t had any bloating and cramps and am as regular as clockwork. I am made up! thanks.”

R.J. Bangor